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Member to Member donations
        Amazing benefits for all members   

Are you raising money for any cause? The powerful Fundising platform can collect for you more than $285,000 in donations and being part of it is as donating US $25 to the the person who brought you here.

  • INSTANTLY receive donations from other members. 
  • 100% Of All Money come back to its members. 
  • Zero Admin Fees, totally free to use.
  • Really simple to use and promote.
  • By joining Fundising you will get really high quality products (hundreds of thousands of E-Books, PLR Articles, website scripts, templates, marketing tools and software) most of them with resell rights and a very valuable add space to advertise any of your business, affiliate links or websites.
  • Direct payments. 100% of your profits will be delivered directly into your preferred account (Payza, Payeer, SolidTrustPay and other methods we will add soon).
  • Automated signup system, detailed instructions in Member Area, Great Support, Marketing tools and material, so you won’t have to worry about anything. 

Try it and discover how this platform can generate hundreds of donations around the world for you!


*Chart above not guarantee income since it will depend just on people in your network.

Being part of Fundising is as simple as registering and donate $25 to the member who invited you. While you open different stages in the matrix, you will get advertising credits, valuable digital products and special offers.

Create a financial difference for you, your relatives and friends and help your community. This is an outstanding activity and the opportunity to be a part of it could be life changing.


Why do we use a 3x5 Forced Matrix?


Every member actually has a limited number of members in his/her direct downline. Imagine 3 people below you and then 9 others below them and so on along five levels deep. SPILLOVER and SPILLUNDER will help you grow your donations even faster. Any future referrals will automatically be placed by the system under one of the 3 members you referred, forcing the matrix to fill up, up to five levels. Members will be activated into your Matrix after they pay the entry fee to you their sponsor (you).

In addition to this, Fundising offers you FIVE different matrices with different entry stages and each one will give you the opportunnity of receiving more and more money, Your STAGE 1 referrals will follow you along the 5 matrices/stages. On Stage 1 you pay to your sponsor, On Stage 2 you pay to the sponsor of your sponsor, and so on, 5 levels deep. Is the simplest and best way to help your network and team grow and get payment from up to 5 Levels deep (and why not? maybe in the near future we open up more levels and matrices for those who have already completed theirs).

Now you will be able to enjoy Spillunder and Spillover experience!